Humanitarian Aid

Helping to Help, a humanitarian project

Our specialty allows us to provide a global work solution to humanitarian aid organizations all over the world. We transport to the appropriate location the necessary items to help the population and the humanitarian agents.

Humanitarian Aid

Helping to Help

Quienes Somos
Our specialty allows us to provide a global work solution to humanitarian aid organizations all over the world. We provide basic goods and services to guarantee survival in the case of natural catastrophes or armed conflict.

Emergencies are situations in which a fast and efficient intervention is essential. Jomipsa has the necessary supplies to immediately restore the four essential cornerstones of life: drinking water, food, hygiene and shelter.

We have a wide catalog with the necessary provisioning for times of need. We comply with the standards of the organizations that demand our products, and they are adapted to each circumstance and the profile of the affected population.

Another essential task for Humanitarian Aid is the one that focuses on the rights of the most disadvantaged, providing shelter and food, but also enabling access to education or supporting collectives with risk of social exclusion.

We deliver the necessary material and food to the appropriate location to help the affected population, aid workers and the personnel deployed in each mission.

In Jomipsa we wish to support with our experience all Social Agents that currently work in the third sector and humanitarian aid by developing versatile and tailored solutions where needed.

All our products are created and developed to preserve the dignity of the person who will receive them. We put all our effort to do so.

Kits and Social Service

Kits and Supplies for Social Service

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We cooperate closely with organizations that develop social intervention projects, oriented to handle the growing demand for help that stems from the current situation.

We work hand in hand with the social agents to solve each particular case.

The social service kits are carefully designed to their last detail so that the product presentation is excellent and users receive a useful and respectable kit thought for them. Our greatest interest is to preserve respect and dignity of people.

These kits have a wide range of product categories: food, hygiene, school supplies, clothes and coats, household items, cleaning items, etc. We also create kits for specific ages, such as babies or elder people, developing specific solutions for their age and health status.

Kits Ration Packs
User's dignity is of the utmost importance. We are very demanding when selecting the articles in our kits.

Additionally, all our kits undergo a strict quality control and can be sourced anywhere on the planet. As all of our products, the kits are customizable with the identity of the delivery sponsor. This guarantees visibility for the donor.

Humanitarian Aid Supplies

Water, an essential asset

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Water is the basis of life. The main purpose, at all levels, is to guarantee immediately its quality and distribution among our population. Our company delivers from water purification tablets that allow to safely drink small amounts of water to folding containers (jerrycans) easy to transport, reusable, durable and long-lasting. Our catalog also includes 14 L buckets with and without spigot (Cubo OXFAM) to facilitate drinking water transport and avoid drinking contaminated water that may generate severe health problems and subsequent complications.

Hygiene, maximum health care

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In emergency situations, health care and hygiene is essential to avoid greater complications such as spreading the disease in a population. Introducing hygiene and health measures is fundamental (sanitation, latrines, litter elimination, etc.) to preserve health and prevent epidemics.

During the worst moments, when people have lost it all or have to travel far away from their homes, a bar of soap or a brush become small treasures that transmit comfort. Whether it is caring for the health of a whole family or of the agents deployed in the intervention areas, we create hygiene packs with a content that changes depending on each case.

The humanitarian agents communicate the specific needs in each case and we develop in accordance to that.

Food, a basic right

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In catastrophe situations, food is one of the cornerstones for population. If great amounts are needed, we provide first necessity foods in bulk, such as flour, oil, rice, milk and legumes. Perfectly prepared to reach their destination.

Additionally, we prepare compact food packets that we develop in accordance to the intervention type.

Rations and food shipments always consider social, cultural and religious diversity of the population. We have Halal food for Muslims. Our packets are conveniently identified and certified to be consumed with complete security.

Shelter, no family without a roof

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There are times in which families lose all they have and they are out of their houses suddenly, obligated to live outdoors. To avoid cold, rain or sun, they must have a shelter as soon as possible, a roof under which to live and that will provide intimacy to the members of the family.

Also, aid workers and humanitarian agents that have to work in limiting situations in a lot of cases need to be protected by an awning or a big tent to carry out their work effectively and securely.

To counteract the weather harshness, we have clothes, coats and blankets kits.

We also provide awning and tarpaulins for people that have lost their homes and for research teams to work sheltered from the first moment. These are greatly effective temporary solutions.