For more than 30 years, Jomipsa has been working to provide food rations, equipment and emergency material to the Public Sector and Humanitarian Aid Organizations.

About us

Jomipsa, Always Safe

Quienes Somos
More than 30 years ago, we started our activity, dedicated to manufacturing food rations and providing emergency help products to humanitarian organizations. During this time, we have grown; our company has specialized and has adapted to the needs of clients. These clients trust us when they need prevention rations, any type of kits as well as essential products and goods when there is an emergency.

As a result of our experience and our good practices in this field, we have become an example in the institutional, and national and international humanitarian aid food industries.

We are ready to quickly respond in the face of an emergency and resolve the needs of non-profit organizations that go on each mission. We have a qualified team with vast experience that guarantees personalized attention from our office in Alicante (Spain). The strategic geolocalization of Alicante provides us with a great advantage, as we have an international airport, a shipping port and excellent road communication.

Quality, great work, reliability and immediacy are our motivation. For that reason, we are leaders in our industry.

Origin and Evolution

Quienes Somos
Since 1982, Jomipsa has been working to provide food rations and emergency equipment to the Public Sector and Humanitarian Aid Organizations all over the world. We are a company with a defined exportation calling.

From the beginning, we developed solutions for some countries in Africa. Subsequently, we started delivering in Spain, supplementing our actions outside our borders.

We have evolved by adapting to needs, growing as a company and a team. We change each day, while keeping a good brand and product image. We are always looking for closeness and proximity with the client to be able to satisfy his needs with precision.

Providing food supplies for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, delivering humanitarian aid in 1998 to the population affected by hurricane Mitch or cooperating with the hygiene and food needs during the Balkan wars in 1994 are some of our milestones, which have shaped the identity of our company, for which we are very proud.

The result today is a flexible and bold company, ready to take risks and new projects.

We invest in Research & Development

Jomipsa I+D
To move forward, we need a differentiating element that makes us unique. For that reason, Jomipsa bets on continuous innovation in all its forms, from manufacturing processes to package desig.

One of our most significant actions was the development of a method that allows baking long-lasting pastries. We achieved a shelf-life of over two years for these products. The packaging is done in natural state, without refrigeration or any other preservation methods. This is a revolution for the provision of basic foods for deployments and emergencies. This initiative won us the 'Premio València Innovació de 1994 al mejor Desarrollo Tecnológico' (1994 Valencia Innovation Award: Best technological development) that the Generalitat Valenciana gives out each year.

Additionally, our facilities in Mutxamel are optimized and appropriate to store our specific industry. We have invested in acquiring new machinery that allows us to manufacture single size serving packages. We created a new line of products which we named Copacker and which we use to provide services to other industries that need to package their products in single size servings.


Our human team

Equipo Jomipsa
Behind every action, every shipment and every kit that we manufacture in Jomipsa, there is a team of 120 people working with a single purpose: continuous improvement. These are professionals highly specialized in each of the tasks they carry out. We are proud to say we work efficiently and productively. We have a strong company culture. Our workers take an active part in the improvement processes through the Internal Communication Committee. It is an important communication tool that helps information, comments and suggestions of our team flow freely and regularly in the appropriate direction. The cohesion, involvement and responsibility of our team is one of the cornerstones of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our workforce has diversity of cultures, races and languages, and is mostly female. We incorporate handicapped workers in all of the processes, promoting professional exchange and growth on all levels.

The professionals on Jomipsa's team are dynamic, prepared and ready to provide the best service at all times. Precision work is highly important when the final users are those at greater disadvantage. Being part of the humanitarian aid chain is a great motivation to always offer the best of ourselves.
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Equipo Humano de Jomipsa
Equipo Humano de Jomipsa