Ration Packs

Rations Packs for each situation

Our prevision rations are specifically developed for each situation. They are light, mobile and compact to use the minimum essential space.

Ration Packs

We stand out due to food quality and safety

Ration Packs
Our prevision rations are specifically developed for each situation. Each circumstance is different. Therefore, our Product Development Department gathers the specifications of each client and converts them in the product that best fits their needs. For example, the dietary needs of the firemen corps are different than those of the humanitarian aid in an emergency.

We work with quality food that has a great shelf-life at room temperature. This feature is very appreciated by organizations, who can plan their interventions knowing that rations can be stored and distributed at the most appropriate time, as they do not require special storage conditions due to their shelf-life.

Our food rations adapt to any deployment, no matter how difficult the mission. They are light, mobile and compact to use the minimum essential space, a very important feature on field.

Jomipsa's human resources is composed by professionals with great experience and qualifications, that are in charge of creating varied food rations of proven quality. They are hand packaged, one by one, which allows us to verify that each kit complies with our client's specifications.


The Halal Guarantee seal renders our products compliant with Muslim faith.


Land, sea and air

Our company is prepared to act efficiently and fast. In our wide facilities in Alicante, we have enough storage space to guarantee the immediate supply of the necessary main goods after an emergency. A great space where we organize, package and store all the products ready to be distributed.

A great road connection links our company to the three main highways. By sea, we are close to the sea ports of Alicante and Valencia. By air, the International Airport of Alicante is only 20 kilometers away. Therefore, we can make fast and efficient deliveries, in a short time and at the best cost.

Our vast experience has earned us a consolidated distribution network. We want to show our satisfaction for a job well done: our food rations and humanitarian aid products have traveled all over the world and reached the most isolated regions of the planet. And most importantly, they have been shared with thousands of people that needed them.

We can proudly say that we deliver your product anywhere in the world!