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Jomipsa: Food Ration Packs specialists.


Experts in combat ration packs

Jomipsa prepares food rations designed to supply everything a person needs for nutrition, hygienically and safely. Our rations are developed to be functional, compact, lightweight, safe and to be stored for long periods of time at room temperature.

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Rations adapted to each need
Products developed by professionals

Teamwork is the key to Jomipsa´s success. Nutritionists, purchase experts, logistics managers, designers, etc. Each department contributes its know-how to developing rations to adapt them to our clients´ specifications.

Tailor Made – Fully customizable

Jomipsa is known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to our clients´ needs. We manually package our rations, so the size or shape of the products to be included do not matter. We design and develop the most suitable packaging for each project to optimise logistics and functionality.

Adapted to culinary preferences

At Jomipsa, we work under the philosophy of personalising projects. Our rations are adapted to the nutritional requirements needed, and we pay special attention to quality, convenient use and cultural and culinary preferences of our clients all over the world.

We offer a broad selection of recipes for all preferences and are supplied by a worldwide network of providers. Each client decides which recipes will be used in their rations, so new food products and dishes are constantly added to our selection, including vegetarian, hindou and halal recipes.

Independent analyses

To keep our high quality and food safety standards, we use independent laboratories to certify that all the products we include in the rations meet our clients´ requirements, as well as food standards in the destination country.

The greatest selection to create a ration

In order to adapt to our clients´ needs, we have the widest selection of products to configure a ration pack. At our facilities, we have mono-dose packaging lines for most of them, so we can optimize costs and be competitive.


Endless options to make what is considered to be the most important meal of the day. An energetic breakfast is essential to motivate the troops.

Tea / Coffee / Creamer / Sugar / Honey / Muesli / Biscuits / Marmalades

Food supplements

They are focused on meeting functional tasks, such as recuperating salt, electrolytes, liquid retention, etc. Supplements are important to offset soldiers´ high-activity physical effort.

Isotonic / Recovery drinks / Energy Drinks / Salt / Pepper / Sauces


Our catalogue includes items to consume our products hot. One of the most important innovations in the sector are flameless heaters: They activate with a minimum amount of water, and can heat a dish in only 12 minutes, with no smoke and without affecting the flavour and smell of foods packaged in flexible pouches. What´s more, they can be used regardless of weather conditions, so they are not affected by wind, rain, snow, etc.

Flameless heaters / Heating kits / Matches / Fuel tablets

Main dishes

We can provide our main dishes both in tins or in retort pouches, which is a huge step forward in food conservation. The pouch is an ideal solution because it is lightweight, transportable and safe. Thanks to the Doypack system, it remains stable and standing, if necessary. Another one of its benefits is its heating process with flameless chemical heaters, to hide soldier location.

Meat / Fish / Vegetarian / Vegan / Halal / Personalised recipes


Snacks are fundamental on long-lasting operations. They provide constant nutrient intake, all while keeping the soldier´s mind active and focused on their task.

Energy Bars / Fruit / Desserts / Chewing Gum / Sweets Juices

Hygienic accessories

A combat ration should be functional, and above all else, self-sufficient to facilitate and streamline administration tasks and troop food supply. Nutrition should not only be balanced but should also facilitate safe consumption. This is why we have all kinds of elements to facilitate hygienic consumption.

Wet wipes / Tissues / Napkins / Dental kit / Cutlery / Water purification tablets.

Unlimited configurations

Our project-based philosophy provides us with a catalogue with quasi-endless possibilities. Even so, we are providing configurations below of the main types of rations that our clients order.

24-Hour ration – bag

This is the one our clients use the most. It is normally based on a three-meal menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and also contains additional products for heating or hygiene. The main dishes are packaged in flexible aluminum bags, one of the most advanced food-packaging systems. The average caloric content is 3,200 kcal.

24h Plus ration – bag

This is a version with a greater caloric content for operations that entail extreme physical effort. With a weight-per-ration similar to the 24h ration, we have managed to increase the caloric content up to 4200 kcal

24-hour ration – box

Its composition is similar to the 24h ration in a bag, but by using tins instead of aluminum bags to package the food, we are able to cut down on the ration´s average cost.

24-hour ration – modular

This is divided into 3 separate packages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each one of them is lightweight, transportable and self-sufficient, so they are ideal to cut down on waste with irregular operations where we don´t know the troops needs beforehand.

Cold climate 24h ration

This was specifically designed for operations in areas with very low temperatures, where high energy value and low weight are required to prevent user fatigue. The main dishes are freeze-dried, due to the risk of food freezing.

Desert/jungle 24h ration

This ration is designed with a three-main dish configuration, but with isotonic and rehydration products to replace electrolytes and minerals lost through perspiration in climates with extreme heat.

12h Ration

This ration is a lightweight option in case the user only needs two main meals. Normally, it contains breakfast and lunch, as well as supplementary snacks, for an energy intake of approximately 2,000 kcal.

Survival ration

This is designed to be consumed in the event of an emergency. The products it contains provide up to 1,250 kcal and can be consumed without being heated. Packaged in a small-sized metallic box, weighing only 500 g, this is the ideal option to be transported at any time.

10-Person collective ration

These rations are designed for operations with encampments that have basic kitchens. This is a box with everything necessary to make different recipes to feel 10 people for 24h, with menus up to 4,000 kcal. They include instructions to prepare different recipes with its different contents.

SAFE method

At Jomipsa, we have a method that helps us to work methodically and take care of the entire production process, from consulting to delivery, and beyond.

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We have our own logistics department with professionals who work to guarantee minimum resource consumption and top optimisation. Our logistical team is responsible, in coordination with the quality and product departments, for preparing the necessary documentation to bring any good to the destination country.

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to quality

Meeting the needs of our customers efficiently, in a timely manner, requires the most advanced quality management systems. Therefore, we guarantee through internal procedures and external certifications that we are up to the circumstances and expectations of those who trust us.

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