Covid-19: Occupational health and safety measures implemented by Jomipsa

COVID19 Jomipsa

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work every year on today’s date, 28th April. Companies play a vital role in keeping all their employees safe in the midst of this health crisis caused by Covid-19, while the health and safety measures adopted enable the business activity to be performed as usual.

For Jomipsa and other companies the challenge is to implement the necessary measures quickly and efficiently under the demanding circumstances in which we are involved.

Jomipsa production team during the Covid-19

Here at Jomipsa we implemented 18 initiatives from the first moment with the main goal of stopping the spread of the coronavirus and safeguard the health of the entire team:

  1. Cancellation of visits by suppliers and customers.
  2. Cancellation of commercial and corporate trips.
  3. Telecommuting by all office staff.
  4. Assessment by the SPA of the specific biological risk posed by exposure to the coronavirus.
  5. Implementation of an action protocol by the Hazard Prevention Service in the event of infection.
  6. On-line training in Covid-19 for all workers on the premises.
  7. Posters and informative panels with the hygiene protocols in all common zones on the premises.
  8. All workers on the premises have their temperature taken twice a day.
  9. Production personnel maintain a separation of at least 1.5 metres.
  10. Doubling of the number of personnel devoted to cleaning and hygiene protocols on the premises.
  11. Placement of hydro-alcoholic gels and hand soap in all common and transit zones to ensure better hygiene.
  12. The use of face masks and gloves at all work stations and protective goggles or face shields wherever necessary.
  13. Specific cleaning protocol with specialised products and on contact surfaces.
  14. Extension of shifts to avoid the presence of numerous people on the premises at the same time.
  15. Staggering the shift start and finish times to avoid crowding of common and transit areas.
  16. Prohibition of smoking in all the Company’s outdoor areas.
  17. Separation of the common break areas and setting up new areas for this purpose in order to increase the social distance.
  18. Intensive timetable to reduce human contact and improve the work-family balance in view of closure of schools.

The culture of occupational health and safety has been an integral part of Jomipsa from the Company’s very beginnings. But now more than ever we know how important it is to raise awareness and put new standards in place to protect our entire team properly to ensure that the wheels keep turning.