Jomipsa’s Personal Protection Minikit against COVID-19

Jomipsa covid19 kit

As a result of the health emergency from COVID-19, Jomipsa saw the need to develop a kit that offers protection against COVID-19 or any biological agent. Midway through 2020, the “Personal Protection Minikit” was released as a basic solution to prevent possible Coronavirus infections.

As a business specialising in the creation of emergency kits, Jomipsa wanted to release a protection kit that was practical, economical, and above all, that fulfilled the requirements set by the health authorities. The primary features of the “Personal Protection Minikit” are its basic protection of an adult person, its ability to equip any space where social interaction takes place safely and quickly, and finally, its small size that allows for storage anywhere. The fundamental objective is to provide a kit that is capable of protecting against Coronavirus quickly, easily, and without costly investments.

The “Personal Protection Minikit” contains:

  • 1 hygienic mask approved for one use.
  • 2 single-dose sachets of hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser gel.
  • 1 tag with information about the kit and its correct usage.

Jomipsa coronavirus kit

What benefits does Jomipsa’s “Personal Protection Minikit” offer?

  • Guarantees a basic protection of any healthy adult person.
  • Designed for individual use.
  • Cost of each kit is very economical and accessible.
  • Easy to use in any situation.
  • Contains the items recommended by public health authorities.
  • Easy and practical, both to distribute and to store in any pocket, handbag, or backpack.


The “Personal Protection Minikit” has, without a doubt, been one of Jomipsa’s most important developments this year, since it is the perfect and essential solution to adapt any type of business, organisation or event to the current circumstances. Jomipsa recommends having access to a solution similar to the “Personal Protection Minikit” to maintain the safety of any user when he or she cannot maintain the recommended safety distance.

More information about the kit against Coronavirus or any biological agent can be found at the following link ➞ Personal Protection Minikit