Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day is celebrated every 15 October with the aim of raising awareness, educating, and forming a habit of handwashing, as it stops the spread of illnesses and in doing so, saves lives. Since 2008 when the WHO declared this date to be Global Handwashing Day, many organisations, NGOs and institutions have come together to celebrate it with the goal of supporting handwashing under any circumstances.

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Jomipsa has achieved one of its most important goals in sustainability: reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. Thanks to their efforts, and supported by the collected data, it has once again received the seal for Scopes 1 + 2, Calculate/Reduce in the Carbon Footprint Registry, awarded by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.


Jomipsa renews its FSSC 22000: 2015 certification

Jomipsa has renewed its Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), valid until November of 2023. The renewal of this certification signifies that Jomipsa is able to guarantee complete food safety for suppliers, clients, users, and the general public throughout the entire manufacturing process. Continue reading “Jomipsa renews its FSSC 22000: 2015 certification”

Jomipsa shows its most socially-conscious side in 2020

2020 has involved change and revolution at every level, and has been a turning point in the lives of many people. It has also been the year in which Jomipsa has wanted and deemed it necessary to show its most socially-conscious side to confront the major crisis which the COVID-19 health emergency has caused.

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Jomipsa expands the range of flavours of its long-lasting cakes.

Throughout 2020, Jomipsa has worked to expand its line of long-lasting cakes with one new flavour:  caramel, which join the original five flavours (vanilla, orange, lemon, cinnamon, and chocolate). The cakes from Jomipsa are one of the most innovative and unique products available, as they weigh only 85 grams, are capable of being stored for up to 3 years, and contain a high calorific value.

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From the era of the Roman Empire to the present day, combat rations have always travelled with soldiers on their various missions. It has taken many centuries for military rations to be developed into what we use nowadays. At the moment we’re experiencing a complete renovation in terms of everything connected with feeding soldiers in the various scenarios to which they’re deployed.

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