Global Handwashing Day

Jomipsa Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day is celebrated every 15 October with the aim of raising awareness, educating, and forming a habit of handwashing, as it stops the spread of illnesses and in doing so, saves lives. Since 2008 when the WHO declared this date to be Global Handwashing Day, many organisations, NGOs and institutions have come together to celebrate it with the goal of supporting handwashing under any circumstances.

Having proper hand hygiene is fundamental since our hands connect us with the world, making them one of the primary means for spreading germs, bacteria and substances that affect our health.

Global Handwashing Day

But what are the primary benefits of washing our hands?

-Prevents infections and illnesses.

-Prevents the spreading of germs.

-Helps curb deaths.

-Easy and simple habit that can be implemented in daily life.

-In most cases, does not require major infrastructure.

Given the importance of this habit, Jomipsa offers a line of Relief kits and products that support handwashing in any type of situation or setting. These products are found in two of the main areas of Relief work: “Water” and “Hygiene”. These items provide the user with a suitable water supply and maintain proper hygiene in any emergency situation.

These are some of the hygiene kits and products which Jomipsa offers that allow access to hand hygiene in any humanitarian crisis:

  • Bucket with tap
  • Bucket without tap
  • Collapsible Jerrycan
  • Semi-Collapsible Jerrycan
  • Soap

At Jomipsa, we support this initiative day in and day out, developing kits and products that enable the habit of handwashing in any part of the world and in the face of any emergency situation, to prevent the transmission of illnesses.