Jomipsa expands the range of flavours of its long-lasting cakes.

Jomipsa-long-lasting cakes.

Throughout 2020, Jomipsa has worked to expand its line of long-lasting cakes with one new flavour:  caramel, which join the original five flavours (vanilla, orange, lemon, cinnamon, and chocolate). The cakes from Jomipsa are one of the most innovative and unique products available, as they weigh only 85 grams, are capable of being stored for up to 3 years, and contain a high calorific value.

Jomipsa was inspired to develop cakes with caramel flavour because of the numerous requests from customers and the aspiration of expanding the product line to be more competitive and reach new markets.

Thanks to the special characteristics of the long-lasting cakes, they are the perfect product to supplement the caloric intake necessary in a military food ration, an emergency food ration, or meal ready to eat: not only does it have the ability to keep for up to 36 months if stored at room temperature, but its energy value is higher than any similar product on the market (396 kcal).

long-lasting cakes.

All of the long-lasting cakes are produced entirely in Jomipsa facilities, which allows total flexibility regarding the specific needs of the customers, markets, and production (design, language, quantity, etc.). The new cake flavour, like the rest, are RSPO certified, as they contain sustainable palm oil. They are also ISO 2200 certified, as they are subjected to the standards and processes that the certification requires.

Since 1992 when Jomipsa released its first line of cakes, many customers have included this product in their rations because it is a unique and innovative development on the market thanks to its characteristics.

long-lasting cakes.

Jomipsa is continuing its developmental work to be able to offer new flavours in its product line of long-lasting cakes soon. The company anticipates the release of new and revolutionary products onto the market at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.