Jomipsa, more than 20 years working with the Spanish Red Cross

Jomipsa with Spanish Red Cross

Today, 8 May, is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, commemorating the birth of founder Jean Henri Dunant. Here at Jomipsa we want to mark this day by being thankful for the huge contribution made by both organisations to society and by celebrating the more than 20 years we’ve been working alongside them.

Jomipsa has been linked with the Spanish Red Cross since the late 1990s, when we first supplied them with one of our hygiene kits. Since then, our relationship hasn’t been based on business alone, it has gone much further than that. We’ve always been keen to collaborate and support all the initiatives put to us by the Spanish Red Cross.


Together with the organisation, we have developed projects and solutions for each one of their areas of action. This has enabled the Spanish Red Cross to cover their users’ most basic needs in every situation, for example:

-Our food kits and hygiene kits used by humanitarian and social action teams.
-Our clothing kits and food rations used by emergency aid response teams.
-Our school kits, child friendly space kits and food kits with meals and snacks used by teams dealing with children and youngsters.
-Our kitchen kits and shelter items used by international cooperation teams.

For Jomipsa, working with the Spanish Red Cross has always prompted us to rise to the challenge. One of our values as a company is to help them to look after the most vulnerable quickly and efficiently. Over the last 20 years we’ve had the opportunity to supply our kits in the most serious emergencies, like Hurricane Mitch, the Balkans War and the crisis of immigrants landing on the Spanish coastline. Plus, of course, in the current coronavirus crisis, during which the organisation has already supplied aid to more than 40,000 users.

Food Spanish Red Cross kits supplied for coronavirus crises

But there’s no doubt that one of the values we’re proud to share with the Spanish Red Cross is solidarity. So, every year Jomipsa makes donations of material and financial donations, but we also take part in events as well as support and raise awareness of institutional actions or events.

With this special mention we want to thank the Spanish Red Cross for all the work the organisation has done during its lifetime. We especially want to highlight the unceasing battle being fought right now by the Red Cross in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic across more than 70 countries. Our thanks go to each and every single one of you in the world’s biggest human chain of solidarity.