Jomipsa shows its most socially-conscious side in 2020

2020 has involved change and revolution at every level, and has been a turning point in the lives of many people. It has also been the year in which Jomipsa has wanted and deemed it necessary to show its most socially-conscious side to confront the major crisis which the COVID-19 health emergency has caused.

Beginning in March and continuing today, Jomipsa has gotten down to work and begun an undertaking of donations with the objective of helping branches of the Spanish Red Cross, such as those in Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, and Cadiz, as well as local NGOs like the Asociación Social de Prosperidad de Alicante (The Social Welfare Association of Alicante). This year, Jomipsa’s donations have been the largest that the company has given since its founding 35 years ago: 2020’s multitude of contributions have surpassed a value of more than €300,000 in total.

Thanks to these donations, hygienic and food products, educational and sports equipment, and batches of toys have been delivered. Jomipsa’s main objective has been to help different organisations cover the basic hygienic, dietary, and educational needs of any person in a position of vulnerability. The large variety of products that have been donated has allowed NGOs like the Red Cross to be able to rely on resources to help families, children, and elderly people.

The entire team at Jomipsa is ending the year with pride and happiness at showing their spirit of solidarity, helping the helpers who work to ensure that nobody is left behind.