Jomipsa Successfully Carries Out Its Fire Drill

simulacro incendio jomipsa

Last week at Jomipsa we carried out a fire drill to check and confirm that all the defined protocols were working correctly.

The main objective of the drill was to ensure that the emergency measures, protocols and the team in charge were working perfectly in order to reduce any potential risk of error.

During the drill, a possible emergency situation was recreated, requiring the evacuation of everyone on the premises (office, production and warehouse), in order to put emergency protocols into practice and to fully brief and prepare the team on how to act in the event of a real emergency situation.

During the fire drill at Jomipsa, only the emergency team members (18 people) were aware of it. All other employees were unaware of it and therefore believed at all times that it was a real emergency, which allowed for a much more realistic recreation of this type of situation and gave the emergency team the opportunity to deal with all aspects of this type of situation (unfocused people, timing, coordination…). It was a success because the emergency team leaders acted correctly.

simulacro de incendios Jomipsa

Thanks to this drill we were able to:

  • Practise and internalise basic safety rules: how to correctly coordinate evacuation, how to use fire extinguishers, basic first aid techniques…
  • Review the efficiencies of emergency and evacuation protocols during fires, in order to correct possible inefficiencies and errors, as well as to optimise evacuation times.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of safety and security which can be useful in other areas (family, leisure).

Following this drill, the Human Resources/Occupational Risk Prevention department will document the entire procedure as well as any points for improvement to ensure complete safety for all staff.

For Jomipsa and the other companies, it is a challenge to include the necessary initiatives quickly and efficiently in the current situation.

The culture of occupational health and safety has been present since the very beginning at Jomipsa. However, now more than ever, we know how important it is to raise awareness and implement these types of regulations in order to adequately protect our entire team and continue to grow.