CABECERA_huella de carbono 2019

In June this year, the Ministry for Ecological Transition accepted the third renewal of Jomipsa’s Carbon Footprint registration. This is now the company’s third Carbon Footprint certification, with the award of the “Calculate” seal.

By registering its Carbon Footprint, Jomipsa is formalising the measurement of the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted as a direct and indirect result of the company’s activities.

Calculating our carbon footprint enables Jomipsa to quantify the GHG emissions from all our facilities, vehicles and buildings. This means that all the most critical processes and activities can be identified and then reduced or compensated. Being aware of our carbon footprint has allowed Jomipsa to take steps to alleviate the company’s impact, such as using electricity generated from renewable sources, setting up an internal committee and introducing a series of internal and external environmental policy measures.Huella de Carbono Jomipsa

Why has Jomipsa opted to measure its carbon footprint?

  • Because the company wants to be ready for future legislation on greenhouse gas emissions
  • To identify areas for improvement
  • To improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • For greater credibility and environmental responsibility
  • To set an example to encourage both internal and external audiences to get involved in the issues

Since the start of this initiative in 2017, registering the company’s carbon footprint has received the full support of management and an internal committee comprising company employees. They are in charge of identifying, channelling and reflecting all the efforts being made in the fight against climate change.

Jomipsa has already begun working on initiatives to register the company’s 2020 carbon footprint and successfully move up to the “Reduce” level.