Visita colegio Calasancio Jomipsa

Last Monday, January 14, we received in Jomipsa’s facilities the visit of the students of 2º degree of Calasancio school, concretely carrying out the IAEE studies (Initiation to the Entrepreneurial and Business Activity).

The reason for this activity was for the students to know the professional world. Therefore, during the visit, we tried to give the students the opportunity to see inside the company, learn about its history, the functioning of the different departments, how they relate to each other and how thousands of combat rations are produced for the military sector and emergency kits for humanitarian aid.

The visit lasted approximately two hours. Firstly, the students attended a small presentation where they were explained the trajectory of the company, the functioning of the departments, the different business lines and projects, and the working models that Jomipsa is currently betting on.

Afterwards, the students group visited the 4,500 m2 warehousing and production areas, where part of our internal team explained to them the different phases of production (assembly, storage, expedition), and were able to see firsthand how MRE rations for the army and humanitarian aid packs are prepared.

In the last part of the visit they participated in the production of their own food ration pack. Every student was present at every step of the process and worked as a team to produce their full MRE food rations.

No doubt it was an experience which we both enjoyed. The students discovered some of the companies’ capabilities in the province of Alicante and Jomipsa had the opportunity to participate on the rapprochement between the academic and business worlds.