18 months of hard work, research and development have served to deliver a new concept in rations that has never been seen in the military sector, the “Performance Ration Pack”. This is a specific ration tailored to high-performance military training.

Despite the fact that Jomipsa has a wide range of products and solutions in the combat ration field, this is the first time we showcase a ration with these technical features.

The Performance Ration Pack, is a food ration that contains all the necessary elements to cover the three fundamental sections of each military physical training session (before, during and after). This solution provides everything needed in each of the three stages, and helps to improve physical performance. According to the product`s features, they can be consumed in the three following phases:

The preparation phase products are designed to prepare the body before training. On one side they help to prevent injury and on the other they provide dehydration necessary to the muscles.

Training ration packs

The supplements that are suitable for consumption during training provide rapid energy and increase resistance during physical activity. They contribute to a good training session, minimising fatigue and tiredness.

Finally, the products designed to be taken after training have a body recovery function for after training, supporting hydration and muscular development.

“A light and practical food ration that can be carried in any pocket”

As well as thinking in the products contained within each ration, we have also paid special attention to its packaging. It`s lightweight and small size design make this a practical solution that can be carried during training.

As with all Jomipsa food rations, it is completely self-sufficient and contains everything necessary for 100% consumption. It simply needs a drop of water to ingest the products contained inside.


“The combat rations revolution”

The “Performance Ration Pack” is a revolution within the military world, thanks to its concept and features. A single ration takes the soldiers’ physical performance to the next level.