Why are hygiene kits important during times of emergency?

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One of the main things when facing an emergency crisis is to ensure that everybody has access to basic hygiene, mainly to reduce the propagation of illnesses or epidemics throughout populations, countries or continents.

The top 5 reasons for which it is important that all the population have access to a hygiene kit during an emergency are:

  • 1) Slowing the contagion of epidemics or illnesses.
  • 2) Keeping the most vulnerable members of the population safe and sound.
  • 3) Preventing the collapse of healthcare services.
  • 4) Maintaining people’s dignity and morale.
  • 5) Maintaining a healthy routine.


For this reason, the humanitarian aid agencies, defence agencies or institutions that provide support during times of emergency, need to work alongside companies that offer them immediate integrated and professional solutions. Companies such as Jomipsa that help with the production and distribution of hygiene products and kits for all types of emergencies.

Kits de higiene para emergencias
Emergency hygiene kits

What are the features of the hygiene kit developed by Jomipsa?

  • Technical specifications: The Jomipsa staff develop a bespoke solution for each type of emergency. Each case requires specific hygiene products.
  • Cultural personalisation and adaptation: In relation to language, colours and visual icons that allow any person to be able to use the hygiene kit without issue.
  • Exceptional quality: Jomipsa’s Certifications ensure that products are always in the best condition before, during and after their consumption.
  • Strategic logistics: A network of logistics suppliers that ensure that the hygiene kits can reach anywhere in the world during any situation, and when they are required.


Possession of the hygiene kits during a healthcare or humanitarian crisis will prevent more serious consequences. The main NGOs, security and emergency institutions are aware of this, and for this reason they count on companies who specialise in emergencies, such as Jomipsa to cover these types of services perfectly.