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Jomipsa: Work SAFE method.
SAFE method

At Jomipsa, we have a method that helps us to work methodically and take care of the entire production process, from consulting to delivery, and beyond.


We provide value beginning with consultation on our clients' needs, so we can offer them updated, reliable products that are adapted to each situation's particularities, and especially to the end user. We have a firm, constant belief in innovation, functional design and taking care of image.


Our process begins with a consulting phase to detect our clients' real needs and to collect all technical aspects in a product brief.

Product innovation and development

Our experience has taught us to detect room for improvement, where we can contribute innovation to products, offering the most specific solutions to our clients.

Design and configuration

We design appropriately-identified packaging to be consumed with total peace of mind and safety, using icon systems to ensure that anyone can understand the kit.

In this phase the logistic plan is designed to make the project effective.


Good assembly begins even before entering our production plant. The elements in our kits, as well as the suppliers they come from, undergo the strictest controls in our quality management system to guarantee that they meet the required standards.

Selection of suppliers

Our experience of 40 years has allowed us to weave a vast network of suppliers all over the world that have been previously validated by our quality management system. Only in this way can we access products from anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.


After the selection of the products, the procurement phase begins, where each product is delivered on time in our facilities. At this point we carry out independent controls to certify that they correspond to the determined specifications.


We have a team that works in a chain manually. Piece by piece, regardless of its shape or size, our kits and rations are assembled at a dizzying speed according to the needs of our customers.


Over the years, we have developed a transport network. This means that we can punctually reach any location on the globe, by land, sea or air, in the exact location where our products are needed.

As a precaution, we package the goods with compact pallets so that, regardless of transport difficulties, they reach their destination in perfect condition.

Packaged to improve logistics

Our logistics experts put the most feasible solution in action, compactly and securely palletising the goods so that they reach their destination by the required deadline. They also plot a logistical plan for delivery from our base in Alicante.


In turn, the logistics department prepares all documentation necessary to avoid hang-ups at different customs offices for the goods. Health certificates, certificates of origin, etc. Thanks to our quality system, each product´s traceability is guaranteed.

Permanent stocks

Thanks to our 4,500 square metre facilities, we can store up to 4,000 pallets, with the necessary goods prepared for any contingency so we can meet the deadlines required.


Oriented toward the end consumer of our products, we have designed rations and kits not only to cover their specific needs, but also to make them feel that the products were specifically intended for them, with the beneficial psychological component that this entails. It is only at this point that we can say our job has been a success.


Our work is over when the goods are delivered at their destination on time. Our logistics department constantly and continuously monitors them to make sure that delivery is satisfactor.


After delivery, we conduct pertinent surveys to discover perception of the service we have provided, and how functional the created product is. The value of this analysis is crucial for our ongoing improvement process.